Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy of our clients is extremely important to the Food Shelf and all personal information is confidential.

  • Clients requesting assistance from the Food Shelf will be asked to provide the names and ages of people living in the household, the address and telephone. Clients may also be asked to show identification.
  • Personal information about clients is for record keeping for the Food Shelf and no specific information is provided to any outside person or agency.
  • All volunteers are aware that all information regarding any client being served is confidential. Volunteers do not share the names, addresses, telephone number or other personal information about any client to any person or agency.
  • NOTE: In the event of a public health issue (for example, awareness of potential exposure to COVID), if the names of people with a potential exposure or health risk are requested by the Clinton County Health Department, the names of these clients will be provided to the Health Department. The Health Department understands and respects the confidentiality policies of the Food Shelf and will only use information about the clients for public health work.